Why Jbag !!


Well, if you want the same sound as a good FOH or a real Amp and Cabinet,... than a cheap FRFR speaker will not do the trick. The whole chain got to be good..


That's why we use;

- The best amplifier we can find.

- Using the same quality speakers as the FOH

- 40 years building experience (guitars, cabinets, etc...)  

- And 15 years of knowledge in digital modeling world.


- 2 separate Amps (woofer and Tweeter)

- Each amp has its own DSP, (USB programmable)

- 3 presets.  Pr1 - Flat for Tilt Position in front of you

  Pr2 - Tilt or Stand behind you... Pr3 - same as Pr2 but with more mids to Cut Trough on Stage

- or you can make your own Presets, (warranty will then lapse)


- Coaxial speaker (high end brand) or Celestion Coaxial speaker


Birch Ply Wood, build airtight.

Finish - Tweed version, like a real tube amp

Two Tilt lift Positions